Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – The Difference Between Impact Driver and Impact Wrench

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – If you are fond of DIY projects for power-wrenching, you must’ve heard about the impact driver that is slowly becoming more popular nowadays. Now, it can be confusing to choose between impact wrench and impact drivers. Here is a complete guide that can help you make the right decision and improve your skills in workshops.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – What Makes Them Different?

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

Difference between an impact wrench and impact driver

When it comes to physical appearance, an impact wrench have more torque compared to an impact driver. Hence, it seems reasonable to say that it’s more powerful. It can be quite bulky too. The impact wrenches also have a square drive that is a big help if you want to loosen up the sockets or even fasten it up.

Amount of torques

Now let’s proceed to torques. You may be wondering, how much torque does the impact wrenches contains compared to the impact drivers? For example, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless impact driver had been one of the most popular impact wrenches in the market contains about 2,200 lbs. of torque.

However, this high amount of torque is only applicable if you are planning to renovate a truck. You cannot use it if you are going to do most of the home projects. Impact drivers can be a great option if you can’t use a standard drill in getting enough umph. However, using impact wrenches might overpower it especially if you are looking for something that you can use on a daily basis for general purposes.

Manner of usage

There are times when it is advisable for you to use an impact driver while there are times when you are required to use an impact wrench. How do you determine when to use between the two? As what we’ve discussed earlier, if you are a DYI’er, then you wouldn’t probably need the overpower impact wrench for general purposes such as removing lug nuts and the like. If you are looking for something that you can use in a moderate automotive work only.

However, if you wanted to have a major investment for a big project that you are currently working on, you should consider an impact driver. They can provide a more substantial amount of torque, and it can be useful in delivering a conventional cordless drill. Aside from that, compared to an impact wrench, it can be used efficiently despite the enormous power.

If you are working in an automotive shop, an impact wrench is a must. However, if you are looking for something that you can use in your own garage, then there are decent ones that you can buy for $300.

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – Final Words

There you go. We hope that this guide had to help you to determine what you need the most in a particular situation. Impact wrenches and impact drivers do not come cheap. Therefore, you must choose between what you need the most instead of what you like the most to ensure that you can finish your automotive or any DIY project properly.

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