Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Review

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Review – The use of digital multimeters is very much in trend nowadays. You need an efficient and good working multimeter to measure anything regarding electricity and electronic automotive as well. If you have not found the right multimeter and need a recommendation, then you can consider the Innova 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter.

Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Review

innova 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter review



The Innova 3320 was designed to diagnose a wide variety of electrical problems in the home and automotive accurately and conveniently. It is an auto ranging digital multimeter so that you don’t have to select the range. Just make sure the multimeter on the correct function. For example, you just need to select the DC Voltage if you are measuring the actual voltage of a battery.


The Innova 3320 is useful for measuring most ranges that include: AC/DC millivolts and milliamps, AC/DC volts to 600V, resistance and continuity, and DC amps. It also boasts a diode check.

  • Auto-ranging scales.
  • Single-setting resistance function for DC and AC voltage.
  • UL certified product.
  • Protective rubber corner guards.
  • Large digital display and color coded LED’s.

This multimeter will measure 200 mA of AC current and up to 10 amps of DC current. If measuring AC current is an important thing you need to do, we think this meter is not for you. But if measuring current isn’t the common everyday type of measurements, then it is a big deal.

This Innova Multimeter has a battery load tester. You can select one the four common voltages in it, and you will know the status of the battery from the color coded LED’s. The LED’s will display red for bad, orange for weak, and green for good.

The Innova 3320 is safe to connect to sensitive electronic equipment because it has a high input resistance of 10 M ohm.


  • Accurate enough for most small jobs.
  • Auto ranging – good feature for the cost.
  • Large, clear digital display.
  • Affordable price.
  • Long, sheathed probe leads.
  • Elastic cord wrist strap.
  • Fold-out kickstand.
  • Battery life indicator.
  • Useful battery test function.


  • Display not backlit.
  • No hold function.
  • No capacitance range.
  • Low AC amperage range.
  • Auto ranging a bit sluggish.


The Innova 3320 is highly efficient multimeter that designed for household appliances and automobile troubleshooting. It comes with great features and has more advantages over other types of multimeters with the same price range. Many users recommend this unit if you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive multimeter.

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