Milwaukee 6955 20 Review – The Best Miter Saw for Large Applications  

Reading our Milwaukee 6955 20 review here can help you make a good decision before shopping for this miter saw.  The first thing that we have noticed from the Milwaukee 6955 20 is that it’s a good miter saw that offers some unique features.

Milwaukee 6955 20 Review – Powerful Miter Saw With Some Unique Features

While it’s true that you won’t find all the bells and whistles on the Milwaukee 6955 20, this miter saw is still a good choice for those looking for a durable and powerful miter saw.

Cut through Hard Wood and Larger Applications Easily

milwaukee 6955 20

The Milwaukee 6955 20 is equipped with a powerful motor which lets you cut through hardwood and larger applications easily. It also has a digital meter readout which helps you see the exact angle when cutting through hardwood.

This miter saw comes with a 12-inch blade which is powerful enough when used to cut larger applications. You will get the best quality cuts.

Despite its powerful performance, it’s also light in weight. It is an ideal tool which can be used in different locations, thanks to its lightweight design.

Dust Channel and Digital Miter Angle System

The Milwaukee 6955 20 comes with some interesting features. For example, this miter saw comes with an integrated dust channel that catches a lot of the saw dust efficiently.

Since the dust channel is located near to the cut, which ensures you that it has the best chance to get the debris. The addition of the digital miter angle system also helps you get the exact angle.

Having this feature added, you can override any detent stops.

Dual Jobsite Lights

It also comes with the dual jobsite lights that lights up both sides of the cutting line. While other models come with add-on lights that should be purchased separately, you don’t have to purchase them if you use this miter saw.

These dual jobsite lights are very helpful as you can see the blade clearly.

Constant Power Technology

Another feature is the use of the constant power technology which can keep the blade rotating at the same speed. Note that you can also find an electric soft start feature added. This feature is very useful when the blade hits the wood at high speed.  

What Makes It the Best Choice for You?

This miter saw is comfortable to use. If you need a great miter saw that comes with some unique features such as the dust channel, dual jobsite lights, the constant power technology, look no further, you must choose Milwaukee 6955 20. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with clamps, but it is not a big issue.   


  • It’s the best miter saw for the shop and home woodworkers
  • Very accurate.
  • It comes with a digital miter readout
  • Making adjustments is easy
  • It comes with an integrated dust channel which catches a lot of dust
  • It comes with dual jobsite lights which are very helpful in low light conditions


  • It doesn’t come with clamps

Final Words

And that’s all our review about Milwaukee 6955 20. It’s comfortable to use and come with some unique features.  We hope after you have read our Milwaukee 6955 20 review, you can decide yourself whether you must buy this powerful miter saw or not.

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