Mini Wood Lathe Reviews

Mini Wood Lathe – The carpenters and craftsperson need to design and build many different shapes while building a wooden furniture or decorative product. You may probably know that if you are a professional woodworker, craftsperson, or a DIY hobbyist who likes to create impressive wooden objects.

Starting a woodworking shop without owning a mini wood lathe is not feasible. You never know what design you may need to create while producing new furnitures for your client. The best wood lathe would enhance your productivity and allow you to create impressive shapes from wooden planks.

The Best Mini Wood Lathe – Our Top Picks

The mini wood lathes are designed for small carpentry shops, where one or a few carpenters work. It turns you into a consistent woodworker and you do not feel tired while using this machine. The mini wood lathe will allow you to produce anything from candle holders, toothpick, bowls and numerous other objects.

So, you need it and you need the best machine for your shop. It would be a bit easier to choose the best wood lathe, if you check the reviewed mini wood lathes. These are the best because of the feature we have endorsed in the reviews.

1. SHOP FOX W1704

mini wood lathe - SHOP FOX W1704 1per3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe

Equipped with 8” swing and featuring a durable construction, the Shop Fox W1704 is the best mini wood lathe you can buy at very reasonable prices. Although there are some minor drawbacks, those issues didn’t stop it from being the top rated wood lathe.

This lathe features a variable speed 13 HP engine that offers you the best control over the changeable speed of this machine. Its analog interface makes it an easy to use machine while trying to create some tough shapes. This wood lathe weighs around 45lbs, which is good for a wood lathe because it will remain firm in its place.

It weighs less in comparison to other wood lathes and that’s why moving it to different locations would be quite easier. There is a face plate, two tool rests, and some other features that make it our top pick in this list of best mini wood lathes.

2. JET JWL-1221VS

Although it looks small and it has earned the 2nd position in this list, it is a powerful and heavy wood lathe. It weighs around 137 pounds and its size measures 12”x20” and therefore we consider it a big and powerful wood lathe that can be useful for finishing many tough woodworking projects.

It features a cutting-edge belt tension system because of the ratchet style. You can control the rotation speed according to the demands of the job. If you are worried about the performance of this heavy wood lathe, then stop worrying about it.

mini wood lathe - JET JWL-1221VS 12-Inch by 21-Inch Variable Speed Wood Lathe

The manufacturer is offering a 5 year warranty with the 1221VS. It means, you can contact the manufacturer  anytime when the machine causes any trouble. What we have liked the most about this mini wood lathe is the adjustable speed feature.

You can run this lathe machine on 60RPM to 3600RPM, which many other wood lathes do not offer. This machine will allow you to finish any kind of woodworking and crafting projects in a shorter time period. Many professionals are using it and they have appreciated its performance with all the features this machine provides.

3. Delta Industrial 46-460

mini wood lathe - Delta Industrial 46-460 12-0.5-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

Many experts consider the Delta Industrial 46-460 the best mini wood lathe probably because of its features. It is a great machine for working on small projects like shaping a wood bowl, or small portions of furniture, and it is also great to prepare large and medium sized sculptures.

You get a 1 horsepower engine with this machine that can produce up to 1725RPM. It offers 12.5” swing capacity, which is probably the largest offered by any mini size wood lathe machine. It would be pretty easy to get a full reverse while you are using this lathe machine. You don’t need to turn off the machine to get a full reverse and that’s what so appealing about it. 

Its patented belt tensioning system is quite essential because you can change the speeds anytime on-the-fly. You don’t need to intrude the belt position while you when it comes to changing the speed and therefore it is a considerable choice in the mini size wood lathe machines.

Final words

Only the professionals know what to check while buying the mini wood lathe. We have considered all the necessary aspects and then shortlisted these three wood lathe machines. These machines are widely bought and used by professional craftsmen and woodworkers. So, you can trust our selection and choose the best suitable lathe for your woodworking jobs.

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