Noco GB40 Review – A Thing Of Beauty

Noco GB40 Review – The NOCO GB40 is a jump starter that can easily fit into your pocket. It also can be used as a USB charger and power bank.

This device is most preferred by many users that are going out for long journeys and willing to do all their technical works by themselves. This NOCO GB40 Review will help you know more about it, including its features.

Noco GB40 Review – Product Details

noco gb40 review

Among the few models I’ve considered, I decided to buy the NOCO GB40 because of its amazing features. It has been long since I am using the device, and I have to say that this product is worth buying. You can easily use the device wherever and whenever you wish without any complicated method. 


This jump starter uses a lithium-ion power source that will deliver 1000-amps of jump-starting power. It is powerful enough to jump-start V6 diesel motors or V8 gas motors.

Its USB charging capability makes it one of the best tools to have in your glove box. Thanks to the USB input, you can charge the GB40 with any USB wall socket. Besides, you can expect to get twenty jump-starts out of a single charge.
You can take this jump starter anywhere because it only weigh around 2 pounds. It is easy to use, and will help you to chare your tablet, phone, and other devices that use a USB charger.

Its jumper cables are longer than any ultra-portable model, makes it easy to position the NOCO GB40 in a safe place. Besides, the cables are durable and flexible in extreme temperatures because they’re insulated with high-temperature silicone.

The GB40 comes with a Light Mode Button on the front panel. It turns the dual-LED flashlight on and off. You can choose from 7 light modes including emergency and SOS strobe. The GB40 has reverse polarity protection. This feature will keep the jump-starter from discharging the battery when you hook it up wrong.


The device is very beneficial for us and has a huge number of pros including the few listed below.

  • Can recharge any gadget or personal electronic appliances with the inbuilt 2.1 A USB output.
  • The device is very light in weight and compact to make it easy to take anywhere with you.
  • It can be recharged from any of the devices including the Laptop, phone charger and the USB car charger.
  • The LED flashlight enables you to see even in the dark with the help of seven built-in light modes.
  • Also, it has an SOS and the emergency Stroble feature available.
  • It can easily provide you up to twenty jump starts at any terrain and temperature as it is tested for the lowest of temperatures.


  • It does not have any of the drawbacks according to me.


If you are looking for a handy and decent jump starter, then the NOCO GB40 is a good choice. It’s ultra-portable, compact, lightweight, powerful, easy to use, and affordable. You won’t regret it. But, if you are still unsure, you can go on reading other NOCO GB40 Review to get a better idea of the product.

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