Poulan Pro PP4218A Review – 42cc Assembled Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PP4218A Review – The Poulan Pro 967185102PP4218A is an Assembled Chainsaw with case. It is a 42cc chainsaw of size 18 inches. It has a 2 cycle engine. The chainsaw has a filtration system which functions with a super cleaning facility. It starts effortlessly and easily. The product comes with a carrying case, file and glove. It also includes an extra chain.

Poulan Pro PP4218A Chainsaw – Product Details

The Poulan Chainsaw of 42cc has dimensions of 11.75 by 11 by 38 inches. It weighs 11.8 pounds. It does not require any batteries. Its power source is a two-cycle gas power and has a steel bar length of size18”. The product comes with a warranty for 2 years.

Poulan Pro PP4218A Review

The product is especially useful to cut trees down, as well as to cut them into small pieces that fit into fireplaces perfectly. You can download the user manual to have a better understanding of the functioning of the saw. The product has its origin in China.

The product helps in proper management of their properties by landowners.  The chainsaw is used on lawns and gardens and is used for outdoor usage only. Landowner’s require such a power tool, to cut through trees that have fallen and to clear up the mess easily.

The anti-vibration system is a feature that makes the job easier for the operator, while using it. The product looks good with a metallic and plastic finish. An analysis of the Poulan Pro Pp4218 a Review shows that many customers have liked the chainsaw on buying the product.

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Poulan Pro PP4218A Review – Pros/Cons

This saw is most useful to cut trees like the hickory tree and the maple tree .You can also cut it down to fireplace sized pieces. The Anti-Vibe handle and the rear handle that is over molded, helps in easy operation of the saw. It lessens fatigue when being operated.

The chain oiler is automatic and this helps in reducing operator fatigue. It can cut through strong tree limbs and tree trunks too. It runs very well, if blended fuel is used in the first gas tank. By getting the right mixture of gas, the product runs smoothly without any hiccups.

The tool can be sharpened easily with the sharpening attachments. By proper maintenance, the cylinder life can be prolonged and the saw life will also be extended. The case helps in keeping the equipment safe, when not in use.


The saw is a bit heavy and may be tiresome, if used for a long period continuously. It consumes more oil. It runs better if the oil content is high, in the first gallon of gas, which helps it to run more smoothly, in the long run.

If carbon deposits get in, the spark plug as well as the muffler, has to be cleaned, before it can be used again. The carburetor has to be cleaned out and has to be treated with care, as it may hinder continuous work when being operated.

Poulan Pro PP4218A Review – The Verdict

The chainsaw works great if the gas mix is perfect and is most useful for cutting trees into small pieces. Overall, this is one of the best chainsaws for the money. If you are looking for a chainsaw that is affordable and comes with extras, then the Poulan Pro4218A is perfect for you.

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