Ridgid R4512 Review – 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw

Ridgid R4512 Review – When searching online for the best saw, you may find the Ridgid r4512 on the list. It is true that there are many models you can choose, but perhaps you are not sure which one you should purchase.

The most difficult task is finding a tool that is precise and versatile. Fortunately, the Ridgid r4512 is a good option you can consider. Other models can be costly, and the worst part is that they are made of low-quality materials. So, what makes the Ridgid r4512 a good choice?

Ridgid R4512 Review – A Good Tool with Lots of Safety Elements

Ridgid R4512 Review

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If you are looking for the best saw, safety is an essential feature that you must consider. A good saw should have some safety elements. The Ridgid r4512 meets the requirement as it comes with some safety features that other models can’t offer.

This one is quite safe as it comes with a transparent blade guard which lets users see what is happening when they are using the saw. Check the anti-kickback system. This system is also very effective. The only issue that we have found so far is that the on/off button is not large enough. This can be quite problematic especially in tight situations.

Check the Wheeled Base and the Onboard Storage

If you have purchased hybrid table saws, you may notice that they are heavy and immobile. It can be very frustrating when moving the table saw from one place to another. Fortunately, you won’t experience this issue as the Ridgid r4512 comes with the wheeled base.

Thanks to its wheeled base, this table saw can be moved easily. However, frequent use can cause damage. Make sure that you can consider this aspect too. Another feature that we love from this table saw is the use of the onboard storage which can provide some space so that you can use it to keep some important tools that you have.

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  • Cast iron table minimizes vibration.
  • 13 Amp motor, up to 3450 RPM.
  • Smooth adjustments.
  • Easily reposition saw with single-action foot pedal.
  • Maximum cut depth of 3-1/4 in. at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 in. at 45 degrees.
  • Makes a range of useful cuts.

Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a saw that is portable and affordable, this one is the best choice. This tool is easy to move as it comes with the wheeled base. If you are working on busy construction sites, this table saw would help you a lot. Another good reason why you must purchase the Ridgid r4512 is that it can be adjusted based on your personal preferences.


  • It is a versatile unit which can tackle most projects.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is portable as it comes with the wheeled base.
  • It is affordable.


  • Some users may realize that the onboard storage is not large enough
  • The actual quality of the wheels is subpar.

Ridgid R4512 Review – Conclusion

The RIDGID R4512 is a versatile unit that can tackle most projects. Applications like processing wood, roofing, and flooring are easy for this tool. But, please note that heavy-duty projects are not its strongest point. Overall, The RIDGID R4512 is a great option if you need a table saw that is portable and easy to use.

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