Ryobi P514 vs P515 Reciprocating Saw – What is the Difference?

To determine the best Ryobi P514 vs P515 between them is quite challenging. Ryobi tools are very popular because they are considered as the best investment. Many would agree that these reciprocating saws are one of the handiest resources that one can buy.

The main problem is differentiating between the Ryobi P514 or Ryobi P515. If you have no idea which model that fits you the most, we can help you. Check our review below.

Ryobi P514 vs P515 Reciprocating Saw

Ryobi P514 – The Best Reciprocating Saw for Light to Medium Tasks

The perfect reciprocating saw to consider which can be used to handle light and medium tasks is the Ryobi P514. This tool has received lots of positive reviews. This model has a compact design and is very durable. Due to its durability, the Ryobi P514 is an ideal choice if you want to save your money in the future.

Ryobi P514 vs P515

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You can use it with any reciprocating saw blade that is available in the market. If you want to change the blades, you can do this task without any problems. Thanks to its tool-less blade clamp, changing the blades won’t take a lot of time. Controlling this tool is also easy as it comes with the rubber grips.


  • Anti-Vibration Handle.
  • Non-Slip Handling.
  • 0-3,100 Strokes Per Minute.
  • Tool-Less Blade Changing.
  • Backwards Compatible.


  • This saw comes with a hex key for shoe installation.

Ryobi P515 – The Best Reciprocating saw with a More Compact Design

Despite its similarities, the Ryobi P515 has some differences regarding the features compared with Ryobi P514. For example, it has a more compact design that can fit into tighter places. Thanks to its compact design, users will find it a lot easier when using this tool. It has similar features as the Ryobi P514.

Ryobi P514 vs P515 reciprocating saw

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It comes with a similar variable-speed trigger too. But, the only difference is the Ryobi P515 which comes with the anti-vibe handle.  Another advantage of choosing Ryobi P515 is that it can also be used with any reciprocating saw blade that you find in the market. Changing the blades is also easy, but you need to use both hands.


  • Variable Speed Trigger.
  • Quick Blade Changes.
  • Rubber Overmold
  • Anti-Vibration Handle.
  • One+ Compatible.


  • It has a more compact design. It can fit into tighter places.

Ryobi P514 vs P515 – Which One is the Best?

Once you have understood some of the features offered by Ryobi P515 and Ryobi P514, it is easier to decide which model to g for. If you prefer using a tool that comes with a compact design, then you can consider choosing Ryobi P515. It can be used in areas with limited space.

However, if you prefer using a tool that offers better grip with two hands, Ryobi P514 is a better choice. By knowing the benefits of the two models, you can make a better decision when choosing between Ryobi P514 and Ryobi P515.

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