Shop Fox W1824 Review – A High Quality Table Saw

Shop Fox W1824 Review – If you have been looking for a good table saw, then the Shop Fox W1824 is one of the best choices you can consider. It is a table saw that offers the best of both cabinet-style and contractor saws.

Shop Fox W1824 Review – The Best Table Saw for the Money

If you are a professional with a tight budget, then this table saw can solve your problem. This product has received lots of positive reviews from customers. They appreciate its accuracy, precision, and affordability.

Shop Fox W1824 Review

Provide More Space

When buying a table saw, there are some features that we should check. For those who have an issue with the free workspace, the Shop Fox W1824 offers extra space for processing big chunks of wood.

It comes with the tabletop area that is spacious. The motor is also powerful as it is equipped with a 15-amp motor that can pack enough power so that you can cut through the wood easily.

Since the table is made of iron cast, this table saw doesn’t lack durability and stability. Lots of table saws come with tabletops that are made of plastic.

This is a serious issue especially when the tool is used on a busy construction site. Thanks to its sturdy and firm base, the Shop Fox W1824 is quite easy to use.

Safety Features

You should use a table saw carefully. To keep you safe while working, the Shop Fox W1824 also comes with some safety features. We love its safety mechanisms.

It comes with an anti-kickback system so that you can work without worrying about the possibility of a sudden kick back. This feature can save your life.

It has the on/off switch which is easy to reach. It means that you can react quickly if you get any predicaments when you are working.

The Dust Collecting System

One of the main features that we can expect from a table saw is the availability of a dust collecting system. The Shop Fox W1824 comes with a 4-inch vacuum port which is used to collect dust.

This is a welcome addition to this table saw. With this feature, you don’t need to buy a premium vacuum. Simply find one that is affordable, and it can perform well.

What Makes It the Best Choice for You?

There are lots of features we like from the Shop Fox W1824. For example, this table saw offers the best features from the contractor and cabinet saws. This is a good solution if you don’t have a lot of money, but you still want to find a high-quality table saw.

Another factor that makes it one of the best table saws is its price. It is not a cheap model, but there is no denying that the Shop Fox W1824 is worth the money.

It is suitable for those who have tight budgets. Besides, the Shop Fox W1824 is made of sturdy and quality materials so that it can last for years. If you use the tool properly, you can ensure that it will last for years.

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However, there are also some minor issues that we have found. This table saw needs some assembly before you can use it for the first time.

Another consideration is that it needs fine-tuning to a certain extent so that you can maximize its performance. Of course, for those who have used some table saws, it is not a big deal.

However, if you are just starting, you may encounter some issues when using this table saw for the first time. If you have no idea how to assemble this machine, the best option is to hire someone who can do it.

Hiring someone to assemble this table saw may cost some money, but we can ensure that it is worth it. To conclude, it has some issues, but these issues are not a big deal.

Once you have purchased this table saw, you will be surprised with its performance and accuracy. We can also say that the Shop Fox W1824 is easy to use. The only issue that you may encounter is when assembling the table saw for the first time.


  • It is a high-quality table saw that packs the best features from contractor and cabinet saws.
  • It comes with safety features which can protect the user during work.
  • Smooth and consistent performance.


  • If you are just starting, you may find it difficult when assembling the table saw.

Shop Fox W1824 Review – Bottom Line

The Shop Fox W1824 is without a doubt one of the best table saws that you should consider these days for a guaranteed performance and durability.