Titan Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer – When it comes to buying the paint sprayers, you get so many good options. Two types of paint sprayers are so popular nowadays and these are air assisted and airless paint sprayers. The airless paint sprayers seem much better when it comes to finishing the paint job faster with better precision.

Titan Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Many companies are producing airless paint sprayers, but Titan has gained a better response from the buyers in comparison to other brands. Titan is called the market leader because it offers airless paint sprayers with many innovative features. This company had begun its journey back in 1974 and still it is considered a reliable name. We are reviewing top four titan airless paint sprayer to help you in finding the best sprayer for your paint job.

1. Titan 0516011 Xt250

titan airless paint sprayer - Titan 0516011 Xt250 Airless Sprayer

You would like to buy Titan 0516011 Xt250 if you want to save some money and get a sprayer that performs equally well as the top models. This paint sprayer weighs only 23.3lbs and it comes with a rugged stand mount. It is also equipped with a carrying handle so that the user can easily haul it around the job site.

The paint tank is capable of housing up to 5-gallon paint at a time and thus it helps you in painting much larger surface in one run. It has a powerful ½ horsepower motor and a 1/4×25-foot airless spray hose that comes with abrasion resistant polyurethane cover. In other words, you get ample power from motor to spray the paint evenly across the targeted surface.

The spray hose is long enough to expand your reach to a larger region of the targeted surface. Although this paint sprayer has many great features, it is not an ideal option for commercial use. It can be the best Titan airless paint sprayer for you, if you need a high-quality paint sprayer for DIY projects.

2. Titan 0516013 XT330 

titan airless paint sprayer - Titan 0516013 XT330 Airless Sprayer

If you have no issue with hauling a heavy paint sprayer around the work site, then the Titan 0516013 XT330 would be a great choice for you. The whole unit weighs more than 51.2 pounds, which is really quite heavy. However, this paint sprayer features a durable stand and two large wheels to improve the overall portability of the unit.

It is equipped with a ¼” x 25-foot hose and you can further extend it 25-foot to get much longer reach. Titan has built this paint sprayer mainly for more demanding jobs. You will not face any trouble in taking heavier use because it has a powerful ¾-HP motor. This motor can supply the paint up to 3000PSI without any issue.

Painting would be quite relaxing job when you will get flow at the rate of 0.33 gallons per minute. Thus, you will be able to finish the painting work within the shortest possible time. It would be the best Titan airless paint sprayer for you, if you need a quality equipment for commercial use.

Hence it is quite heavy, it is not suitable for DIYers. In addition, this unit has not gained too many positive reviews, so you should keep these facts in mind while placing the order.

3. Titan Impact 440 

titan airless paint sprayer - Titan Impact 440 Airless Skid Sprayer 805-000 or 805-015 with Free Painters PackWhen it comes to producing high-quality equipment, Titan always impresses the buyers with new models of its airless paint sprayers. The Titan Impact 440 is such a paint sprayer, equipped with a LX-80II spray gun and TR1 tip. It features a 50-foot long hose that can expand your reach to some very high areas on the job site.

In addition, Titan has designed this unit to spray up to 100 gallons of pain each week, which means you can cover a large area within a week and finish the paint job much faster than you can ever do by using other paint sprayers. The whole unit weighs up to 49lbs and you will have to haul it around the job site by using the above mounted handle. 

This paint sprayer has an electronic pressure control feature, AutoOiler feature, and rapid clean features to enhance your performance. The professionals can rely on this paint sprayer to finish the paint jobs in residential areas and small commercial applications.

4. ControlMax Pro 1700

titan airless paint sprayer - Titan ControlMax 1700 PRO High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer


It is the latest version of Titan ControlMax that features many great attributes, required for painting with better precision. It reduces overspray up to 55% and it is considered great for unthinned coatings of paint. This paint sprayer is still new and expected to last 3 times longer than many other paint sprayers available in the market. The only thing that makes it our fourth choice is uneven spray force.

Final words

Buying a Titan Airless Paint Sprayer is always a beneficial deal. These reviews will make the selection of the best product a lot simpler, if you check all the reviewed points carefully.

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