Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers – A Pressure Washer is an essential tool that makes your cleaning task much easier. There are two types of pressure washers. They are Gas pressure washers (uses gas as its power source) and Electric Pressure washers (uses electricity) which we are going to discuss in this article.

Although the electric pressure washers are less portable, as they need an electric outlet and generate less power compared to the Gas types, they offer some advantages. An electric pressure washer is environment-friendly and it produces less noise than a gas pressure washer.

Electric pressure washers can benefit various types of businesses, so having the best one is a great investment. However, it may be challenging for you to find the best electric pressure washer since there are various models available on the market. Fortunately, we have made a list to help you to pick the best product you can trust. Before we show the list, you should know the features and benefits that a good electric pressure washer offers.

Features and Benefits

The top rated electric pressure washers usually offer some excellent features and advantages such as:

Durability: The first thing we can consider when buying a good product is the durability. An electric pressure washer comes with some components that include ceramic plunger pumps which can ensure longevity, a solid shaft motor, and a flexible drive system.

Heat: Check whether the product that you choose can utilize heat. This feature is important as it means that the model can handle the toughest jobs. Using a powerful heating system, it can provide the required boost to the cleaning power.

Pump Pressure: The next fact to discuss is the pump pressure. The value may vary between cleaners. You can find some models that have 1600 PSI or 5000 PSI. For those wanting to clean a commercial vehicle, it is better to choose one that has fewer PSI. The use of the higher PSI works better when dealing with a substance such as tar on a hard surface.

Flow Rate: Check the flow rate of the model that you choose. This aspect determines how good the machine is when it comes to cleaning. In other words, the higher the flow, the lower the pressure.

Maneuverability: Check the maneuverability of the machine. Top rated electric pressure washers are easy to maneuver. They have cords, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reach small spaces when using this tool. By choosing one that is easy to maneuver, dealing with small spaces is not an issue.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers – Our Top Picks

After we had researched on some websites, blogs, and online retailers, we decided to make a list of some electric pressure washers that deserve to be called the best ones since they got many high ratings and positive reviews by users.

1. AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR383 deserves to be included on our top list as it has some amazing features which can help you handle the job perfectly. This model can deliver 1,900 PSI; thus it can be used for light to medium cleaning jobs. The AR Blue Clean AR383 is ideal when used to clean your car, windows, and outdoor furniture. It comes with a total stop system which allows you to control the power of the tool by using the trigger gun. One of the most interesting features we love from the AR Blue Clean AR383 is that it is water-saving. Studies have shown that it is 80% more water-efficient than standard garden hoses.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers AR Blue Clean AR383


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Good PSI and flow rate.
  • Hose reel with hand crank.
  • Powerful motor and axial-piston pump.
  • Affordable price.


  • High pressure hose is quite stiff.
  • The washer is cold water only.

2. Sun Joe SPX3000

Those looking for top rated electric pressure washers shouldn’t miss out on the Sun Joe SPX3000. This model brings lots of advantages that other models can’t offer. For example, it can deliver a maximum working pressure of 2030 PSI. It should be more than enough when used to handle various kinds of residential necessities. Thanks to its power, the Sun Joe SPX3000 can be used to handle some tasks such as cleaning furniture, windows, the driveway, and exterior lamps.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers Sun Joe SPX3000

Lots of Features

As we have said earlier, the Sun Joe SPX3000 is equipped with lots of features including a detergent selection dial, a trigger gun, and a spray wand holder. Using a powerful 14.5-Amp motor, having this electric pressure washer is the best investment that you can make.


  • Dual tank system.
  • 5 easily interchangeable nozzles.
  • Supplied with a cord lock system.
  • Comes with a long power cable.


  • Will not come with an assembly instruction.

3. Sun Joe SPX1000

The next model is the Sun Joe SPX1000. This one has the same power as other models we have mentioned above. Using 1450 PSI of working pressure, the Sun Joe SPX1000 should be more than enough to handle some kinds of residential necessities. The most interesting feature is that it uses a low water flow rate, which will help you save more money on your monthly water bill. Some tasks that can be done by this tool include cleaning windows, clearing of a vehicle, and other tasks that don’t require a lot of pressure.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers Sun Joe SPX1000


  • Efficiency and Versatility in cleaning a range of surfaces
  • Delivers high water levels.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • The hose is not long enough.
  • Cannot do any heavy duty cleaning.

4. AR Blue Clean AR390SS

There is nothing better than having a perfect electric pressure washer that can save 80% more water than standard garden hoses. If you are looking for this, look no further; we have the AR Blue Clean AR390SS which can satisfy your needs. It comes with a functioning reel hose, so you can use as much hose as you need. Keeping track of the accessories is also easy as it comes with the onboard storage space. Since the machine is quite efficient, you can save more money.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers AR Blue Clean AR390SS


  • Durable.
  • Has 3 nozzles that are easily reachable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Designed for arduous and frequent usage.
  • Has incredible power capabilities.
  • Can be moved from one place to another with ease.


  • The hose is very stiff.

5. Powerhouse International  – The FORCE 1800

The FORCE 1800 is another best choice for those looking for a reliable electric pressure washer. It can deliver a water pressure of 1800 PSI, so it can become your perfect choice when dealing with light to medium cleaning jobs. Thanks to the total stop system for longevity, it keeps the motor in perfect shape so it can be used for an extended period of time. There is also a thermal sensor which can protect the machine from overheating.

Top Rated Electric Pressure Washers The FORCE 1800


  • Hose is not super stiff.
  • Lots of great accessories included already.
  • Good power.
  • Small and compact for easy storage.
  • Doesn’t tip over when you pull on it.
  • Competitive price.


  • Little less budget friendly than its competitors.


If you don’t have an electric pressure washer and now you want to buy one for your home needs, we suggest you consider one of those products. The top rated electric pressure washers we mentioned have great features and quality that will help you in cleaning your backyard or your walkways easily. Having the best electric pressure washer is a great investment, so don’t pick an average one.