Types of Electric Saws

Knowing some types of electric saws is important before you buy a new electric saw. Since each type serves a different purpose, it is a good idea to take some time and learn which type suits you the best.

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Types of Electric Saws

Some types are intended for precision work, such as cutting exact angles, and others are intended for heavy labor work such as cutting down trees. The question is, which type do you need? Let’s see some common types listed below.


There are some types of electric saws which are used for precision work. The most common types are jigsaws and chop saws. A chop saw is ideal for cutting precise angles, and most people use it for crown molding and cutting trims. If you need one that works great when used to cut close angles, consider choosing a jigsaw.

Heavy Labor

The chainsaw is the most popular type that is used for heavy labor. It is also considered to be the most powerful electric saw. It is often used to cut down trees. A different type which can be used for heavy labor is a circular saw, which can be used for cutting medium-width materials. Read also : Best Electric Chainsaw


Some types of electric saws are often used for construction work. For this type of work, a standard table saw is the most popular choice. Another type which is also ideal for construction work is a radial arm saw. Read also : Best Table Saw Under $300

Artistic Use

For those wanting to create a work of art, a scroll saw is a perfect type which can handle this task. Using a scroll saw, artists can use the tool to cut intricate patterns into blocks of wood. A scroll saw is almost the same as a sewing machine, as it uses a pedal to control the speed. Read also : Best Scroll Saw


When dealing with some materials such as concrete, using a standard saw blade is not recommended. A standard saw blade is not suitable to cut soft materials either. The materials would split. For this type of situation, there are some specialty saws or blades which are designed for cutting materials such as stone, concrete, and tile.

Choose One that Fits Your Needs

Choosing the right type would be a lot easier once you have learned some common types that professionals use when they are cutting materials. You don’t want to end up choosing the wrong type, as it can cause problems when you are working with the tool.

The idea is simple:  know materials that you want to cut, and then pick the right type. For example, if you want to cut intricate patterns, then you must choose an electric saw that is ideal for precision work, such as a scroll saw.

Another situation is if you want to handle some tough jobs. If you want to cut down trees, choose a powerful tool such as a chainsaw. Learn these types of electric saws and pick the right one for your next project.