What is Parawood?

What Is Parawood – This is something to learn about if this is your first time hearing the word. It is only natural since you will never hear this kind of subject being talked about in a casual conversation. There are only quite a few people that ask about parawood and they have the basic idea what it is.

What is Parawood? – The Basic Woodworking

what is parawood

Putting it in a nutshell, parawood is mainly the wood that is derived from a rubber tree. It is widely known as rubber wood, which is also its other name. There are other names associated with parawood and rubber wood; and it is used to refer to wood that includes white teak, plantation wood or Malaysian oak. There is a sizable part of its population wherein it also refers to use the Hevea genus name in referring to the wood.

Popular Uses

The main advantage of using the rubber wood is because of its dense drain, wherein it is ideally responsible for the hardwood’s hardness. Drying of timber is controlled carefully in a kiln drying process. This wood is particularly very strong, hard and durable but saws and cuts so easily with uniform staining, being one of its beautiful characteristics. This makes it one of the best wood choices for making furniture and children’s toys, including kitchen accessories. Being a hardwood, the timber is available in various quality grades.

There is one limitation of this wood worth to share is in its primary stages wherein the chemicals that are inherently found within parawood can easily be leached out by the water and then downpour. Which is why it is not wise to use this hardwood for outdoor furniture since it will make it susceptible to rotting and fungus. And being outdoors, it exposes the parawood to more moisture, making it open to warping effects on this particular wood type.

The popular applications and uses of this wood include flooring for both homes and offices, plywood and veneer, cabinetry and furniture, wood carvings, block board, wooden shuttle block, medium-hard dense fiber board and finish construction mill work. Based on these sample projects, this wood type is basically a material that is only for indoor wood projects.

Parawood Furniture

Any kind of hardwood is simply the best choice when it comes to home furnishings.   Parawood is one good candidate for it. It has a very impressive strength that it is capable of withstanding the rigors associated with the busy lifestyles of households.

Parawood is easily available in most parts all over the world, which is offered in the market either in unfinished or finished forms. Unlike the other hardwoods in the market, this one is quite affordable which is why homeowners are not going to feel being in a pinch when buying para wood.

This is popularly used in creating home furniture like the occasional tables, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s furniture and parawood flooring. However, there are concerns regarding the use of parawood, but they are typical complaints that one would expect from hardwood such as insects, staining, and warping.

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